About Us

Our Vision

To change the world of work.

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The world has slowly evolved form military, to bureaucratic, to team-based, to professional, and now to personal organizational models. And each of those changes required the development of different technology to improve the means of communication. With Oversing we're building that infrastructure than will eliminate the alienation and anonymity of modernity from the workplace - and build a society in the workplace.

Once we've collected enough data, we'll show you so much about yourself, your peers, your organization, and even your organization's place in the world, that your vision of the world and your place in it will be changed forever. You see, everyone else wants to know about your personal life, so that they can sell it to advertisers. But our vision is just the opposite. To tell you how to build a better culture, career, and life for yourself and your coworkers.

It won't happen Overnight. It's a journey. But over the next few years we will continually expand the scope of Oversing.

And we will change the world of work for the better.

We are excited. We hope you are too.