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Getting Started with Oversing

1. Configuration

Gather information and configure Oversing.

If you have experience with enterprise software you can configure and use Oversing yourself. We cover it in The Oversing Guide. But if you have a large organization, or you just aren’t comfortable, we can help. And we can probably work together by Phone or Skype to do it.

2. Training

Teach your coworkers how to use Oversing.

For experienced professional project managers, Oversing will be intuitive and familiar, if more powerful and with more features than they have seen before. For most technology and marketing staff, Oversing will be intuitive, but we can help by showing them an overview of the features, and giving them tips and tricks.

3. Launch

Deploy Oversing to your organization.

You can roll out (deploy, launch) Oversing organically, by group, or all at once. The right way to launch Oversing depends upon what will impact your organization the least.   In most cases, the more financial features you want to use, the more rapidly you may want to deploy it.  The less financial features you want to use, the more incrementally you can choose to deploy it.

4. Support

Get support and advice from customers and staff.

We provide support via chat, Skype, email, the Answers section on this web site, Support Tickets and the Oversing Guide. (We don’t do phones. Sorry. This is the 21st century.) In most cases you’ll talk to support staff, but all of us participate in support – it’s part of our culture. s,

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Customizing Oversing


If you want to integrate Oversing with other software we’re happy to help.   We designed Oversing so that integration wasn’t really necessary.  But all organizations have different needs

Custom Features

Oversing uses “plugins” just like popular platforms like WordPress. So we can create a plugin for your needs, or add your feature to Oversing if it’s useful for others. In either case, we can create custom features for you. (No we don’t share Oversing’s source code.)