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Success for both of us.

It’s Simple. Sort of.

We’re looking for groups that will use the full set of features, because we want to test the full set of features.  That means we need organizations with at least 75 people, so that you actually need those features, and so that it’s worth your time to invest in configuring, learning and using Oversing.

We will contact you as soon as time zones allow.  We’ll talk to you a little bit.  And our goal is to make sure that we will get useful feedback from you, while at the same time having confidence that a beta process won’t produce challenges in your business.

If that’s the case we’ll plan a followup call, and make sure we understand your organization, and then we’ll configure an instance of Oversing and get started.  Then we’ll visit if at possible and necessary and train you and your staff on how to use it.  Then we’ll support you pretty much around the clock.

Thanks for your interest in beta testing Oversing.

-The People At Reality by Chanting

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