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The Enterprise Teams /
Email Replacement SMB PSA SW /Helpdesk The Enterprise
Software Generation
Green Screen > Desktop > Windows (network) > Web > Cloud  Cloud  Cloud  Cloud  Cloud  Cloud  Web  Windows
Collaboration Features
Email Not Yet No Outlook
Messaging Yes Yes Hipchat Messenger
Chat Yes Yes Hipchat Messenger
Channel Chat Yes Yes Hipchat Messenger?
Activity Stream with Log View Yes Yes ?? Yammer
Activity Stream with Article View Yes
Social Profile ‘Pages’ Yes TeamCal? Yammer
Group Profile Pages Yes TeamCal? Yammer
Organization Dimension Profile Pages Yes ?? ??
Subscriptions and Notifications Yes
Number of Task Types 30 0 1 2 4? ? ?
Simple Tasks Yes Project
Tasks, Collections of Tasks Yes Project
Events and Milestones Yes Project
Tickets and Defects Yes
SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) Yes
Various Story Types Yes
Expenses Yes Project (Caveat)
Requirement, Input, Output, Test, Risk Yes
Transfers, Adjustments, Comissions, etc Yes
Documents, Sections, Articles, References Yes
Folders Yes
Task Collections into Projects
Basic “personal” projects Yes
Sharable Projects without financials Yes
Cost Center Projects Yes
Payroll Projects Yes
Revenue Projects Yes
Profit Projects Yes
Deliverables, Phases, Sprints, Iterations Yes
Programs (Collections of Projects) Yes
Task and Task Collection Templates Not Yet
Project and Program Templates Not Yet
Project Account Templates Not Yet
Work Interfaces
Simple List View Not Yet Yes Yes
Outline View Yes Yes Yes
Gantt – Timeline View Yes Yes yes (plugin)
Column Board (Card List) Not Yet
Agile and Kanban Board (Card Board) Yes Yes
Table View (sortable) Yes Yes
Inbox (responsibilties) View Yes
Workspace View Yes
Portfolio Management Yes
Organization Management Yes
“Home Dashboard” No, Never Yes
Favorites Yes ??
Views Not Yet Yes
Workspaces Yes Close
Work Organization Models
Inbox (workflow driven) Yes
Schedule, Agenda, Calendar Driven Yes
Tickets or Requests Yes
Work Orders and Small Projects Yes
Agile (iterations), Kanban (streams) Yes
WPS (dependency) Projects Yes
Programs (sets of projects) Yes
Work Management Models
Self Driven Work Management Yes
Agile Management (team selected) Yes
Traffic Management (just in time) Yes
Resourcing (near time staffing) Yes
Long term Planning (PM Based) Yes
Functional Models
Personal and Team Lists of To-Do’s Yes
Sales and Marketing (CRM)
Relationship Sales Yes
Knowledgeable In bound outbound Yes
Scripted Inbound / outbound No
General Communcation and Administration Yes
Contract / Document workflow and approvals Yes
General Schedule Based Work Yes
General Process Based Work Yes
General Project Based Work Yes
Software Development work Yes
Marketing Planning and Strategy Yes
Media buying No
Creative and Design Work Yes
Help and Support
Help Desk and Support Functions Yes
HR and Recruiting
Recruiting and Sourcing Yes
Career Development and MBO’s Yes
Exec and Management Strategy Yes
For Software Development
Integration with Editor No
Integration with Github No
Integration with other source control No
For Content Creation
Integration with WordPress Soon
Custom Platform no
Content Creation Model
Scrivener Model Soon
Wiki Model No
WordPress Model No
Material Goods
Sales of Bundles, Items, Parts and Supplies No Dynamics
Tarket Users
COO / CEO Yes (Buyer)
Executive Management Yes (Buyer)
Departmental Management Yes (Buyer)
Program / Project Management Yes (Buyer)
Team Leadership Yes (Buyer)
Talent Yes
Individual Contributors Yes
Individual Facilitators Yes
Customers Yes
Temporary and Contract Staff Yes
Other Vendors Yes
Hobbyists No
Individual consumers No
Budget Yes
Sales Yes
Units Yes
Points Yes
Time Yes
Revenue Yes
Cost Yes
Profit Yes
Velocity (estimate vs actual) Yes
Utilization Yes
Chargability Yes
Soft Skills Yes
Hard Skills Yes
Organizationally Weighted Skills (Score) Yes
Skill Levels Yes
Individually Weighted Reviews Yes
Sociability (“Karma”) Score Yes
Likability Score Yes
likes / dislikes Yes
Net Promoter Score Yes
Awards (rewards) Yes
Custom Awards (rewards) Yes
Social Economy (costs) Yes
“Scores” (Measures) Yes
Scheduling and Resourcing
Individuals Yes
Teams Yes
Groups Yes
By Time Yes
By Day Yes
By Week Yes
Resource Loading and Leveling Yes
Budget Management
Program and Project level Accounts Yes
Contract to Program / Project Account Allocations Yes
Tie Tasks to Bugets Yes
Revenue Generation
Role Rates Yes
Individual Rates Yes
Rate Sheets Yes
Contract Rates Yes
Rate Overrides Yes
Taxes and Tax Formulas Yes
Invoices Yes
Reciepts (Payments) Not Yet
Security and Permissions
Login Based Yes
User based Yes
Role Based Yes
Workflow Driven Yes
Per Object (each object allows custom permissions) Yes
Email / Calendar Limited
Microsoft Network Security Not Yet
Usual basic database search Yes
Full Text Search No
Amazon or Similar Full Index Aanything Search Not Yet
Advanced Features
Branding (your logo) Yes ?? Yes Yes Yes Yes SharePoint
Multiple Languages with Customization Yes Yes / No
Customizable Workflows Yes Yes (Complex) Dynamics
Multi-Currency Yes Yes (Good) Dynamics
Operational and Project Accounting Yes (Great) Dynamics
Use your Chart of Accounts Yes Yes (Great) Dynamics
Operational Ledger (Oversing GL) Yes Yes (Great) Dynamics
Export / Import Batches Yes Yes (Great) Dynamics
View Metrics as:
GP Yes Yes (great) Dynamics
EBITDA (Operational) Yes Yes (great) Dynamics
NET Yes Yes (great) Dynamics
Customizable Organizational Structures Yes No No No No No Yes (great) Dynamics
Custmizable Features
Custom Fields (custom properties) No No No No No Yes (good) Yes (great)
An API No No No No No Yes (good) Yes (great)
Plugins (programmability) No No No No No Yes (ok) Some (ok)
Full Financial Accounting Package No No No No No No Yes (great)
External Applications
Desktop Version No Yes No No No No Yes (most)
IOS Mobile Version No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mixed Bag
Android Mobile Version No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mixed Bag
Web version Usable on Tablet Caveat Yes Yes Caveat Caveat Caveat Mixed Bag
Web version Usable on Phone Caveat Yes Yes Caveat Caveat Caveat Mixed Bag
Full Time Administrator No No No No No Helpful Yes (IT)
Knowledgeable Administrator Helpful No No No Helpful Yes Yes
Power User Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Some
Casual User Administrator No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Some
Project Manager for the Organization’s Performance : COO Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No
Project Manager for Culture and Incentives Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No
Project Manager for Payroll Possibly N/A N/A N/A No No Standard Accounting
Project Manager for Accounting Possibly N/A N/A N/A No No Standard Accounting